Services - Customer Care

Our high standard of service to your company continues after the customer has settled in to their new home.

Whilst we do everything that we can to eliminate customer care issues during the construction process by complying with the build specifications and quality standards, unfortunately, when working on a large and complex project such as a construction site, not every problem can be avoided.

A&M Carpenters has its very own dedicated in-house customer care team. We have expert carpenters who are friendly, courteous, professional individuals that you can trust to protect your company's reputation in your customer's home. They manage their own diaries to ensure enough time is allowed to give your customer their full attention until the problem is resolved, whilst our administrative team liaise with your company, the customer and our carpenters to ensure effective communication throughout. They are passionate about making the entire process as customer friendly as possible.

Due to the high professionalism of our Customer Care Team, we often undertake NHBC resolutions on behalf of companies that we do not currently have contracts with.